13 Walima Mubarak Wishes/ Messages for Your Loved Ones

This list of Walima Mubarak wishes or messages is all you’ll ever need to wish your loved ones on their Walima ceremonies.

Walima is the second part of an Islamic wedding, practiced after the experiencing of Nikah or marriage ceremony.

It is also known as a marriage banquet.

The purpose of Walima is to gather friends and family and show domestic happiness in the household after the Nikah or marriage ceremony.

It is a feast day that is observed with a number of delicious meals and dishes.

If you are invited to any of those ceremonies, you probably don’t want to return without wishing the groom or bride.

This is where the idea of Walima Mubarak wishes or messages comes into play.

Not only do they help you to wish the couple that is getting married but also strengthen your relationship with those you send these wishes to.

You can also use our Nikah Mubarak wishes or messages if you want.

Now that it’s cleared that you need to be making use of Walima Mubarak wishes or messages, let’s look at some of the best ones that you can edit and then send to your loved ones.

List of Walima Mubarak Wishes or Messages:

Following are some of the best Walima Mubarak wishes or messages you can make use of:

1. Walima Mubarak to you. Thank you for inviting me. May the love between the two of you grow.

2. It has only begun; your life. May God give you courage and patience in your married life. It is going to be a tough one, trust me. Walima Mubarak and thank you for the invitation.

walima mubarak wishes messages - 01

3. I pray that God blesses you with everything to keep the two of you happy and together. Walima Mubarak to you.

4. I am so happy for you today. You’ve finally started a new life. However, this one is going to be a challenging one so know that. May God ease the journey for you. Walima Mubarak my friend.

5. Thank you for inviting me to your Walima ceremony. I am glad that you made it and are now finally married. I wish that the two of you stay together, forever. Walima Mubarak.

6. I am glad to be a part of your life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Walima Mubarak to you.

7. The two of you look perfect together. May it stay like that forever. Walima Mubarak to you my friend.

8. May God bless you with all that you ever wanted just like you blessed me with a feast today, lol. Walima Mubarak to you, my friend.

9. Not a lot of people are blessed enough to get married for various reasons. I am glad you took a stand and finally did something about you. Also, thank you for inviting me to your Walima ceremony. Walima Mubarak.

10. I am both happy and jealous of you getting married. I am not sure when my day will arrive, lol. Walima Mubarak my friend.

11. Walima Mubarak to you. Let me know if you need help with anything. After all, you considered me as your family.

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12. I am happy that God blessed you with a life partner. I hope you do something about it and don’t take it for granted.

13. I pray to Allah that he blesses you with more happiness just like he blessed you with a partner. Walima Mubarak.

These are some of the best Walima Mubarak wishes or messages to make use of.

If you’d like to add any other Walima Mubarak wish or message to this list, please let us know using the comments section below.